Sunday, February 19, 2012

Yet another

Post containing pictures of Willow baby.
I guess there's just little else to show pictures of these days, and everyone back home always wants to see Willow....
Since I posted the last entry, Willow took her first step! She pulled herself up to a standing position using the couch, let go, and then took a step. She was probably standing on her own for a few seconds as well. I can't believe how mobile is she is, and how much she tries to achieve at her young age. I wish I was making this up, or exaggerating, but Adam can attest that this REALLY happened. Of course, Willow was ecstatic and did a lot of arm flapping and squeaking afterwards. She is a penguin.

Something I've been thinking about lately is how Chinese people never assume gender. At first, I found this strange, but now I kind of prefer their, "boy or girl" question. It's a lot better to the alternative, of someone calling your daughter a boy (which happens somewhat frequently). I don't know whether I should be offended or not by people thinking that Willow is a boy. It happens at the doctor's office (people think her name is "Will" or that Willow is a boy's name), and even with random strangers. It happened today too! Chinese people, however, will always ask the following questions when they walk over to admire Willow:

1. How old?
2. Boy or girl?
3. Is she cold?
4. Is she American?
5. Are you American?

I used to think that they asked me if she was a boy or a girl because they couldn't tell--but now I think they ask because it's part of their culture. It also makes sense since they don't really differentiate between male and female clothing styles or colors. For instance, on the airplane on our return flight, there was a one year old boy dressed in a lacy pink cardigan. A foreigner would automatically assume that this little kid was a girl, but I've learned to ask, "boy or girl?".


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