Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Adam's family lives on a farm, in area where the ground could be equated to the ocean, if the ocean were farm fields. You can see very far on a clear day, and the stars can be overpowering at night. Well, last weekend, there was quite the storm. It seemed to come out of nowhere. It blew the grill off the back porch, and broke this poor tree.

We heard that the damage was much worse in other areas, and that there were even cars over turned in neighboring towns. It was such a quick storm, so sudden and violent, that we were all caught up in the excitement of it. It really felt like this storm could have produced a tornado. The clouds were moving extremely fast and on many different altitudes, it looked ominous. The wind and the rain were crazy--and we experience a dramatic and rather sudden temperature change. It seemed like the dirt from the ground was getting vacuumed up into the atmosphere.

These pictures were from the very end of the storm, so some of the drama is lost.

Too bad we didn't think to take pictures when the storm started!


Luke's Graduation Party

Here are some pictures that I snapped during Luke's graduation party--I wish that I had taken more in retrospect. Adam's family's camera went MIA during the party, so it seems like these might be some of the only pictures from the Open House, unless that camera is discovered.

Anyway---Congratulations, Luke! We're so proud of you!

Their wedding is coming up in about two weeks!

35 weeks and counting....oh man, feeling the heat.


It was a beautiful day for a party, especially considering the micro-burst then went through the day before. There was so much delicious food and great company! What a fun way to celebrate Luke's graduation.


Ticket to Ride

A new fascination this summer...


Lake Villa Shower

My mom has some pretty amazing friends who have teamed up before (for my bridal shower two years ago) to throw a party for me--and now they're back at it again! This time, babies were the theme. Mrs. Heinz brought over tons of her antique decorations and odds and ends to spruce up my mom's kitchen and living room. She had antique toys, clothes, dollies, and all sorts of pretty little touches to make the rooms more festive. Mrs. Burg, Mrs. Biere, Mrs. Heinz and my mom put together a yummy assortment of food and drinks too. Cake, fudge, hand-dipped chocolates, and many kinds of finger foods and treats filled the kitchen. It was a dainty shower, complete with a few dozen friends, delicious food, and cute gifts. I'm very thankful for the ladies who organized this party and for those who attended. Even my Aunt Sandi came from Minnesota to help out and join in the festivities.

Here's a glimpse of the living room, from the kitchen's perspective.

The clothes line boasted some vintage baby clothes, as well as some newer outfits.

I'm just in love with this little blue cardigan--the detail was precious.

Mrs. Heinz made these party favors--they are little baby shoes filled with treats. Each baby shoe was cut-out and glued by hand out of scrap-booking paper. They were amazing.

The windows were lined with ribbons, more vintage baby clothes and toys...and in the corner there were old books for people to write on during the game time.

It was good to see some childhood friends. We've known each other almost our entire lives.

The Haywards stopped by for a few minutes and I just had to have a picture with them! They are moving out of state next week. I have so many memories wrapped up in this family--I used to go to their house at least once a week to help Mrs. Hayward, starting from the time I was eleven years old. Later on, I was one of their babysitters and spent at least one day a week playing with their 5 kids. Now their kids are all grown up, and their youngest is probably 8 years old! I watched them grow up and develop over the years, and changed many of their diapers--and now most are in middle school or high school!

Back to decorations....this was the 'throne' that I got to sit on. The little table-cloth on the back of the chair was hand-stitched by my grandmother many years ago--and was given to me after the party was over.

Some more reasons why this baby better be a girl! My little family received so many precious little baby girl things!

And a stack of English baby books....which will be great to take back to China with us.

Isn't this the most adorable onsie you've ever seen?

A book that records your voice reading to the baby.

My friend, Chelsey was able to attend--she's also pregnant! :)

It was a very beautiful party and I am thankful to all the women who helped put it together, and to my mom who helped make many arrangements, as well as host the baby shower. Thank you to my family for helping to clean and tidy before and afterwards too! And thank you to Aunt Sandi for coming down to join the fun!

It was great to see so many familiar faces and old friends again. And the wisdom shared by the experienced mommies was excellent. Lots to journal and ponder about.