Saturday, January 29, 2011

Week 17

I haven't updated our blog in such a long time. I have some really good excuses this time.

1. Treasure Island is consuming me.
2. Pregnancy is exhausting me.
3. Inflexible parents are preoccupying me.

So, let's talk about these three excuses for a dead blog.

"Treasure Island" is coming so close to production I can hardly believe it! I think that we are in a good place with everything right now. Since our Chun Jie break is now beginning, I feel like I can rest knowing that different facets are being taken care of by others or are already well underway. There are so many details to orchestrate and remember. Right now, the paint is being ordered, props are being searched for, the program is being made, and the costumes are being sewn...while I sit at home! It's so wonderful to have help--I think that it makes for better show and a less frazzled me.

Pregnancy is finally getting to those "enjoyable" stages I've heard about. Morning sickness has all but vanished and I am left with an insatiable appetite for everything. I ate Chinese food at home for the first time in over two months. Adam was very happy about that. Previously, the thought of ordering Chinese made me want to hurl. The baby and I both seem to be fairing well and staying healthy. That is a miracle to me, especially when you work with such germy little kids all day. I'm used to getting sick at least once a month, but since being pregnant, I haven't had any serious colds or sinus infections. I'm hoping that it stays this way! I'm so relieved to not be sick in the morning, the afternoon, or the evening anymore. Besides being hungry all the time, I am really achy in my muscles and joints, especially my back. Usually by the end of the school day I can barely walk home---once I walk through our front door I'm done acting and ready to just die.

Sleeping is all I ever want to do. Waking up feels like being hit by a truck or being heavily drugged. I hate waking up so much. Nine hours isn't enough. Ten hours isn't enough. I'm not sure any amount of sleep would be enough because I'll want a nap later on anyway. It's a good thing that teaching keeps me going non-stop during the day. There's usually no time to think about my back or my drowsiness or my hunger.....never mind on the hunger part, I am always hungry! My students usually drop off little offerings on my desk, "for the baby" they say. I normally would reject the random muffin or oreo, but these days I devour all food in my path. Despite eating frequently throughout the day, I don't seem to be gaining too much weight--in fact, I've lost weight according to the scale. It's so strange to me because my stomach is growing quite large. I feel like I look bigger than other women at this stage of pregnancy. Maybe it's because I've never stuck out this much before, or maybe because I'm short.....I don't know!

Right now we are on break for Lunar New Year. I'm so relieved! Last month we were on break for Christmas--and I was so sick and tired. Now I'm thankful for the break because it eats up time. I only have to teach for another 13 weeks or so, which is such a relief in many ways. I love my students. I love teaching. I love working with their parents. I love reading the funny things my kids say and marveling at their interesting questions that never cease. However, I've had some challenges with a few parents this year. If you could lift that up specifically, this is the are in my life that is causing me the most stress right now. It's so much worse that dealing with teaching and planning a play at the same time. I would rather direct two plays than have to smooth things over with these few individuals. Without giving away any details, my general feeling is that I'm being run ragged. It's like I'm silk that's been rubbed by sand paper too many times.

We're watching Project Runway season 7 right now. I love the creativity and innovation that comes out of these episodes.

So, that's a quick update. We're saving up for a baby! Almost half way until we get to meet him/her. We'll hopefully find out the gender within the next month! :)