Monday, April 28, 2014

feast by the willow tree


The Word of Life
Only begotten son of God 
Born of a virgin
Fully man
Fully God 
Experienced temptation, exhaustion, hunger, thirst, frustration, sorrow, even pain
He knew no sin 
Showed us unconditional love, unbridled joy, fathomless mercy 
Was in communion with God
He ministered, healed, taught, rebuked 

He prayed
He suffered
He died on a cross 

Our Redeemer
The Atonement
The Perfect Lamb of God 
He was buried 

He was dead for three days
He defeated the last enemy, death 
He resurrected to life again 

He appeared to his followers 

They touched his wounds
He promised them the Spirit would come 
He commanded them to spread the Good News 
He promised to be with us forever

He ascended to heaven 
He sits at the right hand of the Father
His sacrificial, redemptive work is finished

He is coming back. 
Come quickly, Lord Jesus!

These pictures are from our lunch picnic along the river on Easter Sunday. After fellowship, we sat under a giant willow tree and shared delicious treats with each other. Willow even got to try hitting a ball with a bat for the first time. Baseball might not be her thing.

I love these pictures that I snapped on the way home.
They are some of my favorite so far this year.