Friday, April 11, 2014

Spring, Sprang, Sprung

It's time to crawl out of the cement building, stretch our limbs, and breathe in deeply...though not too deeply, since the pollution is still an issue. 

Here are some pictures from the beginning of April, that I've been trying to post. There were more, but blogger has stopped cooperating again, so oh well! 

Willow is chasing some strange kid around. All of the sudden, I realized Willow was no longer playing on the play-set. Seriously, I look down at Noah for five seconds and she disappears. She followed a crowd of kids who were running home to their building that was on the other side of the district. I was worried, so I went after her, but she was so fast it was difficult to catch up with her darting figure while I was pushing the cheap-o stroller. Anyway, I saw all the kids run into the building, but one girl kept running. And Willow doggedly pursued her. What a weirdo!
Here, you can see her chasing the much older girl. When I finally got ahold of Willow, the neighbor girl walked home in relief. She was probably freaked out by the foreign toddler who wouldn't go away.

And then she thought it would be nice to get soaked with polluted rain puddles on a 40 degree afternoon.

But I still love this girl.

Cool reflections and lighting.

We love all the blossoms from the beautiful ornamental trees that are planted around the complex. I'm so thankful for the nature that we have in our complex. A rarity in our city, for sure.

She's a stick-magnet. Willow is sure to find a stick and latch onto it.
In fact, she has some special sticks that she hides outside our building so that she can play with them whenever we go outside. They are particularly special since they are so thick and long--they're her walking sticks. You know, for when she journeys through Arendale during her "Let it Go" sequences. 

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