Sunday, April 13, 2014

Around the House

Just some pictures from April, which also happen to be grossly out of order and mixed up. But who cares, except for me, and I'm too lazy to do anything about it. 

Noah is obsessed with Willow's trike. He likes to play with the tassels, tries to push it around, and knocks it over so he can climb on it. It's pretty entertaining to watch him fall in love with his first set of wheels.

Noah watching me blow dry my hair. He is a like a puppy dog, according to Willow. And I would have to agree!

This was the first day he started pulling himself up into a standing position. Earlier that day, we had been putting him inside the pink tub, to keep him contained. Later on, he flipped it and stood up on his own. The next day, he was onto more challenging terrain, using the couch to pull up on. Now he's onto the kitchen chairs, which are even higher.

Getting a package in the mail is exciting for everyone. Willow screams in delight when Adam walks in the door with a package sent from family in America. She knows it means lots of yummy treats are ecoming her way.

New shoes stuffed with candy.

This is Noah's "Rocky" pose, although usually he punches his fist a lot higher and looks up at it.

Willow, the crazy-haired-diva.

Ok, so just a simple update. I've nothing profound to share. Just some pictures from the month of April. 

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