Thursday, June 2, 2011

Maternity Leave

Wow, it has been a busy week. It's definitely been a change of pace from the normal teaching schedule.

We left Shenyang on Tuesday afternoon, and arrived in Chicago around noon on Wednesday. It seems like we've been busy ever since then! Adam has a consultation with a specialist regarding his knee injury. The surgeon recommended surgery, and after a day of mulling over the pain and recovery period, Adam decided to go with it. I was able to meet with the doctor that will be delivering our baby in about a month (as a side note, my arms just fell asleep while I was typing--pregnancy really affects everything). Since then, we've visited with family, cousins, Aunts, and had lots of yummy food. There was a beautiful baby shower last night, and I was able to visit with many good friends that I haven't seen in about two years. I will probably write about this more later on. We've had hair cuts, dentist appointments, and shopped at thrift stores. We even had a little episode in the ER with my brother who had a sudden asthma attack.

It's been nice to access websites again, without needing a working VPN. We hadn't been using a VPN very consistently in the last month or two, so it has felt super convenient to be able to log onto facebook, blogs, or news sites that we're normally restricted from.

It's going to continue being busy for us, in the meantime. Tomorrow, we're heading to Adam's family's house. Adam's brother has a graduation party this weekend, and Adam is looking forward to doing some work on his family's farm. He wants to get some exercise, biking, and outdoor work accomplished before his surgery. If you think of it, please be lifting up Adam and his knee. The surgeon isn't exactly sure what will need to be repaired/replaced until he starts the surgery. It looks like some tendons and meniscus discs will need to be repaired, and probably his ACL will need to be replaced. It's a long recovery process. About 4-6 weeks on crutches, and about 1 year of total recovery time, with therapy and no sports for at least six months. It seems like a long time for Adam at this point, but I think that in the long run this will help Adam to continue his active life style. He will be getting the surgery when I'm nearly 36 weeks pregnant, which concerns Adam a little. The main question is, who will drive me to the hospital once my labor has progressed....I'm not worried about it, but it will be an interesting summer with both of us recovering physically and with a little baby. It's a good thing we're surrounded by lots of family and friends right now!

All right, that's all for now. We're meeting my family for dinner! Thank goodness for Western food--it is too yummy for our own good.


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