Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Adam's family lives on a farm, in area where the ground could be equated to the ocean, if the ocean were farm fields. You can see very far on a clear day, and the stars can be overpowering at night. Well, last weekend, there was quite the storm. It seemed to come out of nowhere. It blew the grill off the back porch, and broke this poor tree.

We heard that the damage was much worse in other areas, and that there were even cars over turned in neighboring towns. It was such a quick storm, so sudden and violent, that we were all caught up in the excitement of it. It really felt like this storm could have produced a tornado. The clouds were moving extremely fast and on many different altitudes, it looked ominous. The wind and the rain were crazy--and we experience a dramatic and rather sudden temperature change. It seemed like the dirt from the ground was getting vacuumed up into the atmosphere.

These pictures were from the very end of the storm, so some of the drama is lost.

Too bad we didn't think to take pictures when the storm started!


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