Sunday, February 5, 2012


Towards the end of our trip, I was thinking how we had been blessed so much with good health during our time in America. Except for a weird stomach reaction she had to some baby food, Willow had basically perfect health! Which was so nice since I felt like she had a constant runny nose before.

Well, it must be China, because we hadn't been back for even a few days before Willow had caught a cold/fever. She is still struggling through it, and we're on day 4 now. Ugh. Each night has been worse than the last. She has a really hard time sleeping and eating. She cries because she's hungry and tired, which just makes her congestion and coughing worse. She is constantly gagging on on the phlegm lodged in her throat, and throws up about twenty times every morning. I've had to wash all the bedding in her bed and mine twice, and have had to do three times as much laundry. It's times like these that I wish we had a dryer. Dryers make the laundry process so much faster and warmer...instead, I deal with freezing cold, dripping batches of clothes.

I feel so bad for little Willow--her coughing is so pathetic, and she is exhausted from being sick. She's had to have twice as many baths, and twice as many restless naps. Last night, she threw up on me several times, and then this morning she evacuated her bladder all over me. I don't know how many times I have caught handfuls of her barf in my hands because there wasn't a towel close enough...

Somehow, she is still trying to play. Yesterday, she crawled across the rug, sat herself up again, and then looked at Adam and me---she smiled and started clapping her chubby fists together. It was so cute! This is the closest she has come to clapping her hands by herself on her own initiative.

We've been watching a lot of her Sesame Street DVD's. Through the middle of the night, and during the day when she's too tired to play but can't seem to sleep. It's so pathetic, because usually she's not too interested in watching TV. On a side note, I constantly have Sesame Street songs stuck in my head!


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