Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Little Women

As some of you probably already know, I've started working on the next play, "Little Women". I'm getting lots of great help from another teacher who helped direct last year as well. Together, we form a like-minded team--we are both in love with our cast! Such great guys and girls; they're so talented and a lot of fun to work with. So far we haven't had any huge road bumps, so it makes rehearsing smooth sailing. After tomorrow we will be more than half way done blocking the entire show. It's going by so fast.

Here are some tasks that need to get accomplished this month (hopefully):

1. Start buying fabric from the market--we need enough for 30+ costumes. Some dresses will need as much as 8 yards of fabric.

2. Design tickets and have them printed so that we can open the box office

3. Design posters and have them posted...I WANT to be better about publicity this year.

4. Sort fabrics and costume concepts for the tailor

5. Meet with the tailor for the first round of fittings

6. Order sets made

7. Begin searching for props

8. Purchase a couch and have it delivered to school

9. Find a backdrop picture and have it printed at the billboard company place

10. Finish blocking the show and start polishing scenes up

If I could finish all these things by the beginning of March, I would be extremely happy with this production's progress. Not surprisingly, it's still hard to find time to work on the play. Instead of blocking in between 3rd grade classes, now I block and plan during Willow's nap times. We have some epic hoops and wigs this year too.


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