Thursday, February 23, 2012


It snowed a few inches last night in Shenyang--which was magical if you were inside a warm apartment. In the morning, the sun reflected off the fresh snow and made our home extra bright. Unless the temperature warms soon, this snow will be around until it's an ugly, sooty permafrost.
It was only fitting that Willow should wear this snowflake outfit that her Grandma Johnson gave her for Christmas.

I think she believes she is important to the photography process if given the camera lens cover.

Ok, enough with being important to the process, time to pull myself up on this couch.

Now it's time to take the fabric out of the suitcase mom was packing.

Now it's time to examine crumbs I picked up with my own chubby fingers. Geez, you think mom could keep a cleaner home with a house keeper and everything.
p.s., aren't her eyebrows hysterical?

Now it's time to eat said crumb.

This is my new trick. I can finally help myself to some water.

Today, we were both very busy. I somehow missed lunch again between all the chores, play stuff, rehearsals, and hanging out with my baby. We played, read, and had lots of giggles. There was some skype, and she ate some more finger food. On Monday, she's going to try her first noodle dish. Yesterday she ate her first egg yoke and liked it. She likes her munchies, toast, and bananas. She would much rather eat whatever her parents are having, but for now, she has to stick with her baby menu.

Her little teeth are so funny! I love to kiss her chubby cheeks.

Off to bed. It's 10 pm, and Willow will not care that I stayed up three hours later than she did. I am a person who both needs and loves rest.


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