Friday, February 10, 2012


This little girl is a fighter. On her tenth day with the flu, and refusing to be my little patient. She plays as much as she can until she just can't take it anymore and then crashes for a nap. Through all the coughing, and gagging, and snotty trails she leaves everywhere...we've had a lot of 'fun' so far this February. Now I've been sick since Monday, and Adam woke up this morning with a sore throat (which was my first symptom).

I love this little face she makes. She does such funny things with her eye brows!

One of her new favorite past times that I cannot make her stop doing. She crawls over to the furniture, pulls herself up, and then cruises along the chairs. She will do this for hours on end. I've started putting toys on the couches for her so that she'll stop trying to eat our furniture.

Her other obsession is trying to get at the DVD player, XBox, and other gadgets her dad has over here. She is instant destruction!

We were accidentally coordinating one day.

Runny nose
Laptop love

Willow had a bad baby food experience around Christmas time. She is still unable to eat any kind of baby cereal--she always gags and throws up--no matter what. We've tried EVERYTHING. And I mean it! Give me a suggestion, and I promise, we've tried it already. Tonight, I tried again, thinking that maybe she would be over this weird mental aversion she has to baby cereal. I hadn't offered it to her at all in over two weeks...she still gagged and threw up upon the first little taste. It's an immediate and eerily strange reaction she has to it, consistently, all the time. She will eat her chew-able baby food, and her pureed baby foods, but cannot even SWALLOW baby cereal. I was hoping she would have gotten over it by now. She's been sleeping better at night the last two nights (which has been great because after jet lag, and this influenza bug, we had been on the new born schedule again) but has still been waking up once in the middle of the night to eat. I was hoping that some rice cereal at night would help to hold her over. Oh well! She still can't eat it! She was trying so hard to like it. She was actually opening her mouth for me, and clapping her hands to encourage herself. To no avail, she still couldn't swallow it. I even had mixed some yummy banana/plum baby food in the rice cereal--and now that's wasted too.

I guess I'm pitching the cereals for good. It's been almost fifty days of this nonsense!


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