Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sick Sunday

Didn't go to fellowship today because Adam had been feeling sick all day Saturday, and it seemed to get worse during the night. It's nothing serious, but he's considering not going into work tomorrow either. February is officially the sick month. Either Adam, Willow or myself has been sick during this entire month.

Anyway, when I heard Willow start to wake up this morning, I asked Adam if he heard her too. She wasn't crying, but every once in a while you could hear some activity coming from her room. Adam went to check on her, and came back with a smiling baby a minute later. He was laughing because Willow had been standing up in her crib, playing with the different things that were on her changing table (her arms are very good at reaching).

Then, later on that day, Willow was taking a very long nap. Usually her nap is about 30-60 minutes long, but she had been sleeping for almost three hours. I don't like waking Willow up from her naps, because if she needs the rest, I'm not going to stop her from taking it. But, this was a really long nap, and I started to wonder if she was all right. Adam likes to get Willow up from a nap, because he thinks she is so cute when she first wakes up. So once again, Adam went to go check on Willow. He came back with Willow, once again, laughing because she had been sitting up in her bed while brushing her teeth! She had retrieved her tooth brush from where it was located on her changing table, sat down, and had been brushing her teeth for who knows how long. So cute! We hadn't heard her at all--no fussing or crying. Usually Willow cries when she wakes up from a nap--either because she is still tired and was woken up prematurely, or because she is scared, or because she just wants someone to come and get her. So it is very funny that she decided to just be content and hang out on her own before letting us know she was awake.

During Willow's second nap, I worked on getting dinner ready, washed dishes, and worked on a few loads of laundry. I've had a slightly productive weekend of house cleaning, Little Women stuff, and reorganizing my pinterest boards (not 'really' that productive, but it makes me feel better). This has been the first weekend all month that I've been able to take it easy. The weekends have been the best time for me to go out to the markets, since Adam can help by watching Willow. I wanted to go again this weekend, but forced myself to stay at home and take care of things here.

Willow has been eating a little more food in the lumpy category. She loves cheerios, carrots, potatoes, bananas, egg yolk, toast, and biscuits. This coming week we will try out noodles and baked apples. It's nice that she can eat some of what we're eating now. For instance, I steamed some carrots tonight, and Willow ate a few little pieces. She is so excited to taste what we're eating--I can tell she's proud.

Also, today Willow started clapping her hands for real. She's been practicing the motion of clapping her hands for a while, but would mostly keep her hands balled up in fists. Today, however, she seems to have moved past clapping her fists and now uses her palms correctly. She claps her hands quite often; whenever she is proud, happy, excited, or bored--she's clapping her hands.

Will add a few pictures soon. Off to bed now! It's been a long day, and it will probably be a long night with a baby who has embraced the newborn schedule all over again.


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