Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Goods and the Bads...I realize this is a terrible title

Last night as I was trying to fall asleep, I rolled onto my stomach to get more comfortable. I love to sleep on my stomach; for years and years it was how I fell asleep. When I was pregnant with Willow, I forced myself to sleep on my left side most of the night, and that was so uncomfortable. Even after she was born, it was difficult and uncomfortable to sleep on my stomach. Now, I can finally get comfy again and fall asleep oh-so-content on my tummy. Yay! This got me to thinking about the worsts and bests of everything. In typical OCD fashion, I started counting of 5 things for each category I could think of until I passed out. Here were a few of my thoughts.

Five Best Things About Pregnancy:
1. Better nails and hair that didn't fall out
2. Not having to lift anything heavy
3. Getting spoiled by Adam--hardly every shopping or cooking
4. Making a place for Willow in our home and lives
5. Nesting in general

Five Worst Things about Pregnancy:
1. Not being able to sleep (discomfort, sleeping on my side, too much movement, leg spasms, heartburn, restless legs, light sleeping, etc.)
2. Having to pee at least once every night
3. Avoiding certain foods (tuna, bacon, soft cheese, etc.)
4. Limiting caffeine (so hard when hard when teaching)
5. Feeling swollen, tired, and over heated all the time

Five Best Things about our apartment:
1. Three bedrooms (in China, this is great news)
2. Interesting details/trim around the apartment (that's rare)
3. Nice flooring
4. First floor living is convenient, and we have no yard work
5. Landlord-provided furniture, including a big TV for Adam

Five Worst Things about our apartment:
1. Our neighbors are horrible, noisy, and drive me crazy
2. Only 1 bathroom
3. Nice flooring shows every speck of dust
4. No choice in furniture, am prohibited to re-purpose furniture to my liking
5. Poor appliances and amenities (20 minutes of hot water, tiny washing machine, no dryer, no oven, only two burners on the stove, tiny sink, no drawers in the kitchen, AC in only one room, no central heating)

Five Most Annoying Things about our neighbors (disclaimer: I feel bad confessing these things, I don't want to sound like a complainer, but it's been years--and I need to get it out--hopefully it will be cathartic):
1. They drop marbles on the floor in the room above our bedroom randomly throughout the day/night
2. They yell, walk around in high heels, and chop their vegetables with vengeance
3. They have guys speaking loudly/yelling on weekend mornings at 6 or 7 am.
4. They smoke (it smells), and cook (it smells), and flush their toilet (it smells)
5. They have been remodeling for 7 months, and it's past the point of annoying

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