Monday, July 29, 2013

Waiting for Dad's Return

Willow, folding a small piece of paper, I think. 
Well, the baby's due date is COMING UP REALLY FAST....and I have so many blog posts that I want to write before I'm stuck in a chair nursing 24/7. Today, I went through many pictures that I've been wanting to upload onto this blog, and realized I have about 15 long posts coming up. If I intend to publish all these before the baby is born...that's a lot of posts each day! So be prepared for a deluge of pictures.

This particular post is over 4 weeks over due. Here are some pictures from our last few days of waiting before we were reunited with Adam.

Willow's art work from Sunday school

Eating berries with cream--can you see the whipped cream mustache? 

Tommy's summer school homework: differential equations. What the heck does it mean? 

Willow likes to cuddle with blankets and pillows 

Willow helping Teetee vacuum the minivan 

Willow felt that she should be able to sit in Mr. Potato's duplo house too. 

Eating ice cream bars from the Schwanz man---and dressing up with Emma's old stuff.

Getting ready for the baby--making his blanket! And preparing the decorations and gifts for Willow's second birthday party...YEP...I told you this was a long overdue post.

Looking for the snapping turtle that was hanging around. 

Willow's reaction to the turtle.

Our last night without Adam. My mom helped take care of Willow (including bath time!) while I worked on packing up all of our stuff. We were to meet Adam at the airport and then drive to his parent's house.

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