Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Play-dough, Dinner, & Bags

Some nice weather rolled in when Adam arrived. We were given a bit of a break from summer's intense humidity for a few days--so much so that Willow even needed to wear a sweater and long pants.

Adam and Luke reconnecting over golf clubs in the front yard--not everyone has the ability to do this in their front yard!

Daddy is more fun because he can run fast! Willow had been gazing at him longingly from the porch, and then finally went to join him. It just wasn't safe for her to be around Adam and Luke though. So she was returned to the porch.

Just in time to learn how to work with play-dough for the first time! Apparently, the play-dough tools are from Adam, Hannah, and Luke's childhoods, so it wasn't long before they were playing too.

Talking/Babbling up a storm. I took some cute videos of her non-stop chatter about play-dough.

Eating dinner at Adams' grandparents house. Adam's Johnson grandparents live just down the road and they had us over almost every day for a little visit or for dinner.

Willow ate dinner at her own table with Maggie. It was pretty weird to have her eating independently and apart from the rest of us! It was super fun for her though--since she wasn't even 2 yet and was enjoying the extra freedom of a little table, a little chair, her own tiny silverware and no parents!

But you have to watch her like a hawk because she'll climb up at the big table and try to rearrange the table settings or eat the food.

On this particular night, we ate with Adam's family, his grandparents, and his Uncle Marshall's family. Adam's cousin, Drew was also there. We demolished a platter of fish, and I think around ten pounds of beef. There were also potatoes--so Adam was in heaven.

Playing Bags with Hannah and Josh on July 3.
Willow also wanted to pick berries off a small tree and put them into her pail. While we were at the farm, she learned how to pick green beans, corn, and blueberries too.

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