Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fireworks that Willow Missed

It was a busy day, and Willow had skipped out on her nap. So, she fell asleep while taking a ride on the rhino and slept hard the rest of the night. Which meant that she missed the fireworks that the guys lit off soon after she fell asleep.

Adam and Luke working on giving us a fourth of July show!

Adam's dad attempted to startle them with some bottle rockets. Or whatever those things are....

It was fun to watch explosions in the night sky and smell the gun powder filter through the humid air. Not as spectacular or dangerous as China fireworks, but just as fun to light off. I got my first mosquito bites of the year, and remembered that fireworks smell different in July than in January. Thank you, to Adam's parents for purchasing all the fireworks--it was fun! Hopefully Willow wont miss out on it next time. :)

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