Monday, July 29, 2013

Reunited at Last!

I can't even describe what it was like to pick Adam up at the airport. But it was something like a huge sigh of relief. It seemed like we had to wait forever at the gate for Adam to be regurgitated from Customs. When he finally stepped out to where passengers can be picked up, it felt wonderful to be near him again. Adam had been worried that Willow wouldn't remember him, or wouldn't want to play with him in the same way she once had. But the second she saw him, she was running towards him calling out, "My daddy!"

Even though her first hug was a bit awkward, it only took her a few moments to get over the shock and confusion she must have been feeling. After that, she was completely over the moon with excitement to be with her dad again. It must have been very confusing to not see him in person for so long, and then to be waiting at an airport for a while (for reasons she didn't understand) and then to see Adam come walking down the hall. Their relationship picked up exactly where it left off, and that seriously warmed my heart. 

Here are some pictures from Adam's first few days in America. He, of course, seemed to be unaffected by jet lag. Never took a nap. Never fell asleep too early or woke up at odd times. I don't know how he does it, but it's not fair. :) 

Willow actually took this picture of Adam. 

Adam became quite the "Duck Dynasty" fan while we were apart--and now he has introduced it to Willow. I'm not sure how long she actually watched it for, but she did pull up this little rocking chair for a front row seat. What a funny girl. 

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