Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Toy Story Party: Part 1

Happy 2nd Birthday, Willow! 

bought the pdf for this cute banner on Etsy

If you've spent ten minutes with Willow, you'd find out that she loves Buzz and Woody. She likes to watch Toy Story 1, 2, & 3--those are probably her top three favorite movies. Besides Elmo, Buzz is her favorite character. If you walk through Wal-Mart, she's sure to spot a Toy Story product. If you are responsible for getting her down for a nap, she'll ask you to sing "You've Got a Friend in Me". She just loves Toy Story!

For Willow's second birthday, I couldn't decide what we should do. Should we have to separate parties, one in Lake Villa and one in Momence? Should we have no party at all and just get together for a fun event (like seeing Despicable Me 2 with our families or going to the Zoo)? I just couldn't make a decision until nearly the last minute. A few weeks before her birthday, Adam helped convince me to have a Toy Story themed birthday party. After a few trips to Hobby Lobby and Walmart, and some shopping on Etsy and Amazon, we were set for a Buzz and Woody party.

DecorationsThese little army guys made a few appearances throughout the party. Here they are propelling off the balcony, just like in the movie. Adam really wanted to find a baby monitor to put in the artificial tree, but that idea was too late on the scene. 

On Saturday, right after the baby shower, we started decorating for Willow's birthday party. Thanks to Adam's family for occupying Willow, and for helping with all the decor! Erica and Hannah definitely helped to make it all possible--I think it would have taken me ten times longer without them. 

Erica blew up all the balloons, and Hannah hung all the banners, streamers, and balloons. I made the Woody-themed banners from fabric I found at Hobby Lobby.

The Johnsons still have some vintage toys that make appearances in Toy Story, so we used those as decorations. I also bought some Toy Story figurines for Willow's birthday and used them as decoration during her party. Can you guess how many "cow pies" (milk duds) are in the jar? This was the only planned game that we played--really, there were so many games we could have done. But since Willow was the only 'kid' at her party, kiddy games were not a priority. Found the Toy Story printables and the guessing game template for free while searching google.

Pretty flowers from Cosco 
For the second year in a row, roses make an appearance at Willow's birthday party. Her middle name is Rose after all. 

I wrapped some vases in hemp and ribbon. Hannah and Adam found and dangled these monkeys from the kitchen light fixture.

Lots and lots of banners. When I bought the fabric at Hobby Lobby, the lady cut double the amount of fabric that I asked for. So instead of making one or two banners--I made 3 large banners, a double-sided table runner, and a dolly quilt for Willow. My mom also made a Woody vest for Willow out of the extra fabric.

 Found a pattern for a table runner on Pinterest that uses only one yard of fabric. I ended up extending and altering the pattern a bit so that the runner was a few feet longer than the pattern outlined.

 Cake toppers that became Willow's toys after the party was over.

Dessert Table 

Buzz Lightyear strawberry cupcakes, and a Woody chocolate cake. 

Willow makes me laugh every time she says "M&M's" 

 Guests and Gifts 

Opening all of her presents took so long, that we had to take an intermission. Willow was definitely blessed (and overstimulated) by all the positive attention and generous gifts! Party guests included: Grandma and Grandpa Johnson, Aunt Erica, Aunt Hannah, Uncle Luke, Great Grandma Johnson, Papa, Grandad, Gigi, Hadabogee, Grammie Pammie, Uncle Brad, Uncle Tom, and Aunt Emma.
Willow received so many cute outfits, a purse, nail polish, a Bitty Baby (from Adam and I) and many accessories (including a diaper bag from the Kangs, and a stroller from the Johnsons), Toy Story toys, a replacement kitty, a Woody vest, bubbles, little girl jewelry, a stuffed dog and doctor instruments, books, money, and so many other fun presents! She has been playing with everything quite happily for the past 10 days. Thank you, family, for all your thoughtfulness and sweet generosity!

Willow was so excited to receive a new kitty! This is a 'back-up' Meow from Aunt Erica...just in case the other one's head falls off or gets lost somewhere.


My dad took many great pictures throughout the party. I'll post those in the second part of this post. Besides sharing lunch (lots of salads, baked beans, fried chicken, and fruit), opening gifts, and eating dessert together, we also sat on the porch and played Bags. My family had to leave before we could eat dinner together because it's a long drive back to Lake Villa and Tommy had differential equations homework to finish. I was so glad that they were able to attend Willow's birthday party--especially since my dad and Brad happened to be in town during that time. I was also glad that Erica got to be a part of the festivities too--having traveled to Momence from Nebraska.

At the end of her Toy Story party. Willow was confused to see her Kang family leaving--her two lives had collided for an afternoon and she wanted everyone to stay together!

Isn't this a cute little bandanna dress that my mom found for Willow at a consignment store? I totally forgot about it until right before the party--it went along very nicely with our Toy Story theme! :)

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