Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Little Sprinkle: Part 1

Adam's first full weekend in America was filled with parties! Thus, the next few posts are going to be heavy on the party-side of things. First we celebrated the imminent arrival of our son!

Adam's sisters, Erica and Hannah, and his mom put together a cute baby shower on Saturday morning. Games, gifts, devotions, and a brunch--they put so much time and effort into making it a wonderful morning for us. Erica said it was not a full-blown shower, and so she called it a "Sprinkle". From the invitations, to the decorations and desserts--it was a very beautiful baby shower. We were blessed by many generous gifts and it was good to visit with Adam's family.
These are little babies made with rolled-up diapers, wash cloths, and socks (the hats!). Super cute idea! Willow thought they were amazing. 
Erica flew into town and began baking right away. The Johnson women were busy in the kitchen cooking and baking for many hours. They made chocolate covered pretzels, and at least six different kinds of cupcakes. On Friday (the day before the shower), we all went out together to go shopping. We made some pit-stops at Starbucks, Taco Bell, and a bagel shop, besides shopping at Cosco, Hobby Lobby, and Target. Willow was a champ through all the shopping adventures and driving around. Somehow, she also found time to get Hannah to paint her nails.

By Saturday morning, the Johnson ladies had the house cleaned, decorated, and set up to host a delicious brunch. There were already gifts waiting on the table to be opened, and Willow had fun running around like a crazy person. 

She was obsessed with these cute dot banners that her Aunt Hannah made for the shower. She would look at them and try to pull them down while saying "Blue, red, blue, red". She's a little confused about colors right now. But I hope that she's improving daily.

Yummy punch, cute straws, delicious lime water and lemon-limeade.

All the ladies in Adam's life kept asking Adam if he was going to change out of his shorts and he eventually changed into a button-up and jeans. :)
Willow is so happy to play with Adam again on a daily basis--and she keeps very close tabs on his whereabouts.

Adam showing Willow the little diaper babies.

Kissing the diaper babies.

Angel food cupcakes.

Different cupcakes included brownies that were filled with peppermint, or raspberry chocolate, or peanut butter. Lollipops in buckets, and sugar cookies in the shape of cupcakes. My favorite dessert was the lime flavored cheesecake cupcakes. They were cool and refreshing!

Thank you for the fun "sprinkle", Hannah and Erica. Plus all the others who helped prepare food, and take care of the many details. We had a great time and were genuinely blessed by good fellowship and adorable gifts. We are even more excited to meet our little boy! Thank you!

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