Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Toy Story Party; Part 2

These are some of the pictures that my dad took during Willow's 2nd birthday party. I stole them from his facebook page. Thanks for taking pictures, Dad!

Thank you to my family for making the trip to Momence to attend Willow's party!
Thank you to Mark and Karen for hosting, not only Willow's birthday party, but also the baby shower in a single weekend!
Thank you to all those that helped prepare birthday party food and decorations.
Thank you to Willow's great grandparents who brought gifts and food to share.
Thank you to everyone for making it a wonderful day, and a great memory!
It was a fund day for Willow and we were so glad that our family could be a part of her special day!

"Tee-tee" encourages Willow to pick her nose. 
Getting her nails painted by 'Nanna" 

Emma, you could be a model.

Cousin Claire was staying with her grandparents (she is Adam's first cousin), and so she was able to attend Willow's party too. She played very nicely with Willow. 

Side walk chalk with Teetee


  1. Is that an owl necklace Emma is wearing? It's super cute!! And so is she! I agree with your comment that she could be a model. :D Also, the picture of Willow with her head thrown back laughing is absolutely the most adorable thing ever!

    1. Yes, that is an owl necklace that Emma is wearing! You are very observant! She might have bought that in China....I can't remember. If you press the ears, the wings open up to reveal a clock face. Thanks for reading, Liz! Miss you.