Thursday, July 18, 2013


In Momence, the Johnsons are fond of making pizza from scratch. It's pretty tasty! Uncle Luke is the trusted expert in all matters related to pizza making. As an impromptu 'experiment', Willow was given a small ball of dough to make her own little pizza with. She was actually really into the whole process and was pretty good at creating her own dinner. All the play-dough on the porch must have helped her motor skills! 

In Shenyang, we often have friends over pizza, around once a week. From these experiences, Willow has become a little obsessed with the whole pizza-delivery process. Whenever she sees pizza or pizza boxes, she is bound to start chanting "pizza, pizza, pizza, pizza, pizza" as fast as her tongue can carry her. Just call her Little Caesar.

Flattening out the crust, and taking turns with the pizza roller.

Rolling out the pizza dough.

Spreading out the pizza sauce with a spoon.

Adding cheese, and eating a good deal of it as well.

Willow eventually added pepperoni, seasonings, and olives to her pizza. Although, she ate most of teh toppings before her pizza entered the oven. Hence, why her pizza has only one piece of pepperoni and one lonely olive. So cute!

Watching videos that Adam has been working on. He is preparing many lesson plans and videos for all the classes that he will be missing at the beginning of the school year. We will be returning to Shenyang later than usual because of baby #2's paperwork hurdles. Adam's videos feature Newton's various laws as demonstrated on a farm.

Waiting for everyone to assemble so that we can pray and eat! Yummy, yummy pizza.

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