Friday, September 14, 2012

Silence is Golden

Unless you have a toddler....then it means trouble. 

Look at Willow! She's 'cooking'.

Now look at Willow! She re-organizing. And putting the lid on her cup.

Look at Willow! She's surfing the web and creating excel spreadsheets to manage her playtime activities. What a multi-tasker.

She is actually not allowed to touch or play with our computers. But I had to snap a picture because she looked so pleased with herself. She had retrieved my computer where it was hiding wayyyyyyy under the couch, opened it, turned it  on, and sat herself in a comfy place. What a techy. 

Look at Willow! She's ready for professional wear.

Look at Willow! She is oh-so-studious and likes to read 'real' books. Board books are for babies, you know. You better believe that she was babbling up a storm while flipping these pages (the book is called "Shanghai Girls"--which I will hopefully review on this blog one day). 

Notice all those mosquito bites on her head? Poor baby! I can't wait till these mosquitoes die! 

1 comment:

  1. Oh my word, she looks just like Jameson when he reads!
    And who wants board books? Those are for eating. Jameson wants big-boy books for REAL reading.