Friday, September 14, 2012


The look of fun, around here lately. Willow-style fun. Whether it's tearing apart a whole roll of toilet paper, emptying the linen closet, or dumping over the trash can repeatedly---she's always up to something and having loads of fun doing it. The best kinds of messes are the ones she makes outside because that usually takes less time to clean up. 

Eating on the couch--I noticed she had crumbled up her crackers into a million pieces. Thankfully, we have a vacuum cleaner. 

Guilty look---trying to hide her mess. 

These few pictures crack me up. She was walking around with her blanket on her head when Adam snapped these pictures. She, of course, ran  into the wall. 

After she ran into the wall. She was really confused as to what happened. 

More photographic proof of her destruction. This is almost a daily mess that she makes.
Probably takes about thirty minutes to put every game piece away correctly.
Does this make me insane? 

Lately, she has been really interested in watching "The Lorax". Here she is watching some scenes with her dad after a long and tiring day. I guess they were both wiped out. 

I tried to slow her down by putting small socks on her hands. She thought it was hysterical to try to play with socks on her hands. I was surprised she kept them on for so long--and I was also surprised that she could still make large disasters with socks on her hands.

These pictures make Adam proud. Here she is, rolling around her John Deere tractor while on all-fours. We didn't teach her this skill, she just started doing it.

And this little picture makes me proud. She likes to grab my 'list' paper and a pen and make some lists. After she's made a list, she uses her finger to point at the paper and babbles to herself in her little baby language. It looks exactly like she's reading off tasks and checking things off. I think she is type A.

Which reminds me, at my Chinese lesson yesterday, Willow was very involved. In my 90 minute lesson, she only let me work with my teacher for about ten minutes altogether. At one point towards the end of the lesson, she climbed on my lap and was pointing at the characters I was practicing and 'reading' them. Even my teacher thought it was pretty funny and cute.

Adam took these pictures too. They are blurry and the lighting didn't help--but this is how she often hugs and 'rocks' her various stuffed animals and baby doll. She hugs them and swings her body from side to side. It's pretty darn endearing!

Trying desperately to get a newborn sized baby hat on her noggin.

More cuddle time with Adam. She actually brought the blanket over to him and then climbed into his arms.
She is so sweet at times like these! 

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