Saturday, September 8, 2012

Did You Have Fun?

Did you have fun? Did you have a good time? Have you heard yourself asking that question before? Maybe it's the first thing you ask your kids or spouse when they walk in the door (or when you walk in the door).

Read this blog the other day and was totally convicted.

Why "Did You Have Fun?" Is the Wrong Question to Ask Your Kids

Especially with children, why do we so often ask them if they enjoyed themselves at some sort of place or event? Even if we are genuinely curious about whether or not they had a wonderful time, this question is a backhanded sort of way of communicating to kids that school, activities, play dates (whatever!) is about their personal entertainment. It's self-focused. I'd never thought of it like that before...and that's why I feel so convicted, because I definitely ask kids this question all the time.

I hope that I will STOP it, and definitely remember to not be so did-you-have-fun-focused with Willow. As the author writes in her post, it's not having fun that matters most, but loving and serving others. Letting kids know that even though something might not be 'fun', they can still love others. It's not about them all the time.   In some way, it's actually not about us at all.

I care if you have fun, kiddo. But more importantly, I care if you were finding ways to share genuine love with others--remembering that it's not all about you. That's joy, and it's long lasting. It's long suffering. Mostly, you need to know that it doesn't come from you, Willow. True love stems from your Creator, who made you and sustains you. Just because something isn't fun, doesn't mean that it wasn't worth your time, your energy, or your commitment.

Man. This is a good lesson for me. I get so caught up on the fun-ometer. "Am I having fun? No. Then this is stupid". Ah. Conviction.

Guilty as charged.

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