Sunday, September 30, 2012

Autumn: Cross Culture Style

Signs of an American Fall:

Apple picking
Corn mazes
Pumpkin patches
Warm sweaters and hot drinks
Camp fires and s'mores
Hay rides
Apple crisp, apple pie, apple cider, apple donuts....
Fall festivals
Pumpkin Spice Lattes
Beautiful moons
Hunting season (ok, I don't hunt, but I acknowledge it as a fall activity)
Rake leaves

Signs of a Chinese Autumn

National Holiday
Mid-Autumn Moon Festival
Cabbages and Leeks everywhere outside being sold, bought, and dried
Moon cakes (to go with the festival)
Lots of traveling for holidays
Don the long johns!
Air the blankets!
Government turns on the heat!
Sweet potatoes sold on the street, baked and ready to eat
Don't rake leaves
Cover bushes with tarps
September is a lucky month for marriages and births

Willow, eating her first moon cake ever! 

I can't wait for the cabbages to come out so that Willow can have another photo shoot with them. Last year, she was about the same size and we took some cute photos of her sitting with them. Not really any pumpkin patches around for photo ops!

September is basically over. Today is the last day of September--which is my favorite month of the year. Favorite because it's when school is still fun (not a student or teach anymore....but it still brings back memories), late summer turns to fall, and of course there is my birthday.

I'm not really looking forward to October. October is my least favorite month because it starts with an O and immediately proceeds my favorite month. I'm looking at October as a month of preparation, and also my last month of freedom for a little while.


Drama starts the first week of November this year.

I've been putting a lot of things off until October. I just wish time would slow down a little!

This week is our Fall Break. Adam doesn't have to work because we are observing the National Holiday (kind of like China's version of the 4th of July) as well as Mid-Autumn Festival (which is sort of like our Thanksgiving as far as being traditional).

Happy Fall!

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