Monday, September 10, 2012

Meeting Kaeya

Hello, my name is Willow and I like to touch everything I see. This is on hot day, trying to reach for some electronics. I can nearly do it on my own because I'm really tall. 

This day was special because I got to ride in a taxi. It took awhile to explain to the driver where we wanted to go because my parents didn't have the address. But they explained it soon enough, and we were on our way. I kept yelling at the driver. It was hot in the taxi, and I had no idea where we were going. 

This is a picture of me once we got to where we were going. This is a hospital. A very nice hospital. It's where lots of babies are born. That day, it was full of babies, which is unusual for this hospital. But, it's the year of the dragon, and it's the 9th month. Which is a very luck time to have babies in China. 

I have a new friend. This is what I looked like the first time I saw her. She is so little, I think she is a doll.

We had to wait to see her because she was nursing. I still nurse too. But I'm starting to stop that habit. Now I drink mostly cow's milk. I like it only if there's chocolate syrup in it. This baby is named Kaeya. She was born three weeks early because her mom's water broke. Whatever that means!?  She has very long fingers, and her feet are much smaller than mine.

I look a little shocked in this picture, while the baby sleeps peacefully. I wanted to sleep too. I ran around the hospital floor a lot and went into some other people's rooms. It was embarrassing. A lot of nurses played with me and gave me candy. But I couldn't eat it. I saw pictures of some of our friends hanging on the walls. They were born there too and since they're white, they get to be part of the advertisement.

This is across the street from the hospital. There is a very large park, with some ancient tombs from an ancient dynasty. I never went there, but there was a man selling Winnie the Pooh balloons.

Then we had to get home.

Finally we were home. I took a nap immediately.

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