Saturday, September 8, 2012

14 Months

Time keeps ticking by, and Willow is now 1 year and 2 months.

Her babbling is growing more advanced with many new sounds and combinations streaming out incessantly. Especially when she is 'talking' on one of her phones.

She likes to respond to questions that are posed to her with babbling or shaking her head 'yes' or 'no'. I'm not sure if she understands what she's doing, but it's fun to see her trying to participate in conversation.

She is understanding so much more about the world. She knows what skype sounds like when we are calling someone or being called, and gets really excited.

She gets towels out of the cupboard so that she can clean.

 She grabs Adam's toothbrush and toothpaste and tries to brush her teeth.

She wraps her doll in a blanket. She pats her doll's back, and swings her from side to side. I think she's trying to rock her to sleep.

Runs to the kitchen if we say, "do you want some food?"  Runs to her chair when she sees me bringing out lunch or dinner, and starts blowing (because she knows the food is hot).

Likes to dance, spin, and jump.
Can step onto the curb without help and without bending over to use her hands.
Chases stray cats and dogs like nobody's business.
Defies nap time.
Enjoys baths again...finally...

Can 'meow' like a cat. She likes to converse with all the stray cats around our building.
Barks like a dog. Pants like a dog.

Is obsessed with, "The Lorax" movie. If she wants to watch it, she turns on the tv and dvd player and hands me the dvd. If I don't put it on, she tries giving me kisses. She's trying to manipulate me. Then come the tantrums.

Terrified of the vacuum cleaner for some reason.

When delivery men come to our home to drop items off, she tries to give them money or business cards from my wallet.

Enjoys toting around our various laundry baskets and brings them to the laundry room.

Sits down at the top of the slide, and goes down by herself and without hesitation.

Likes to write lists--I think--and read them out loud to herself--I think that's what's she doing....

Still likes to play outside the best. Still trying to wean her (down to nursing her once in the morning and once at night). Still likes cookies at any time of the day. Still loves to play with Adam and her little friends.

Working on words like: food, ayi (aunt in Mandarin), dog, cat, Emily, and bunny. Can say mommy, daddy, baby, and cookie.

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