Monday, September 3, 2012

Leaf a Thumbprint!

Here is a simple craft/memory piece we made for Willow's first birthday. The final picture that ought to be included in this post is of the finished tree on display in a frame. 

Could not have done this without Brad. He has rendered a whole lot of different kinds of trees. He uses them for his different architecture projects, of which I am completely ignorant of and therefore cannot even begin to explain in this sentence. Anyway, he let me choose a tree in his program---I think he actually drew this tree--and then he made it the appropriate size and printed it for me. 

Meanwhile, I bought a few ink pads. Then, at Willow's birthday parties, we tried to have everyone place their thumbprint and name on the tree--making lots of colorful 'leaves'. I don't think we were able to get everyone's thumbprints, but we were able to collect the majority! 

We even captured Willow's-not-so-little thumb print!

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