Friday, September 7, 2012

Raising Daughters

I recently saw this link shared on facebook and shared it on my wall. But, I thought I'd also put it here, because chances are that I'll be able to find it in the future if I do that. If you have five minutes, read the link I've included below--it's so worth your time and consideration.

Click on this: "I Don't Wait Anymore" 

It makes me think about what I need to teach Willow [as her mom] about the role relationships in life. There's a lot of garbage put out there by mainstream culture, Hollywood, and even [especially] conservative diatribe. So many, many lies to navigate. We hear about the negative connotations associated with chick flicks and chick lit, and how that gives unhealthy views of dating, marriage, and so forth. But all the Christianese that's out there can be quite a mire as well.

-True love waits
-Purity pledges
-Purity rings
-Poems from 'God'

As a parent, I'm feeling the weight of responsibility in how I am to portray life [the world] to Willow. At first, she's going to hear my point of view a lot, but I don't want to brainwash her. If I feed her any knowledge, I want it to be rooted in truth [and only truth], and not as a device to mold [manipulate] her values or choices. Anyway, if you have five minutes, you should read the post about why this lady isn't 'waiting' for the perfect guy to find her. Why she isn't wearing her purity ring anymore. Why she isn't trying to be content with God wholly while single before she can even consider being content in marriage.

But more importantly, read it to find out what you ought to think about 'waiting' for true love and being single. And from my perspective, what I should train Willow up to believe: fall in love with Jesus--that's it! While marriage is good, it's not the end game. Jesus isn't a substitute for a husband, he isn't your boyfriend, and he isn't your excuse not to be in a relationship. He is your Savior, and ultimately, that's all you need to focus on. 

God speaks truth to us about many areas in life, but we, as humans, often add little tidbits that sounds so good. In reality, they're messing up the next generation, and setting them up for disillusionment, disbelief, and disgust.

Conclusion: if you're single, I encourage you to read this. If you're married, I encourage you to read this. If you have daughters (or sons, for that matter), I encourage you to read this. Search your heart: are you waiting for the perfect someone to fill your heart? Are you unsatisfied in marriage because your spouse isn't perfect? Are you teaching your children that dependence on other humans for love is the goal of life? 

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