Friday, September 7, 2012

Final Fun on the Farm

Some final pictures from our last few days at the Johnson's farm. We had a lot of fun there this summer! I can't believe I forgot to post these---almost two months ago....
Willow, eating some pop tarts, an American treat. 

Willow's great grand parents + Aunt Hannah + Grandma Johnson + Grand dude getting corn ready.

Trying her skills with sidewalk chalk

Taking a ride to the farm with a load of corn

Round 2 in the swimming pool!

She wanted to kiss Elwood so much

Great Grandma Johnson's homemade cheesecake and blueberry sauce that is amazing! 

Playing with first cousin [once removed], Ella

Getting ready to go out to dinner at the golf course

At the golf course restaurant with her grandparents and Aunt Hannah! She ate a lot, and ran around the place socializing with the other restaurant-goers.

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  1. willow with the dog - such a cute picture!! We all love seeing pictures!