Friday, April 6, 2012

They All Rolled Over

And one fell out!
Last night was one of those 'token' rough nights.

Most nights, Willow wakes up to nurse during the wee hours. I don't mind too much if she only wakes up once. I nurse her in our bed, since I'm too tired to sit up in a chair. Last night, Willow woke up twice. After she finished nursing the second time, I had a little dilemma. I couldn't find the energy or motivation to put her back in her own bed, but I felt guilty waking Adam up to do the task. In the midst of trying to decide what I should do, I fell asleep. The next thing I knew, I heard a loud thud on our floor. I had a moment of groggy panic as I tried to figure out what happened. Willow wasn't sleeping next to me, and quickly realized she was on the wood floor screaming loudly. I bolted up, but Adam was faster.

Adam jumped out of bed and picked her up. She was all right and stopped crying shortly, but what a scare! I think she must have woken up, not known where she was, so started to crawl around. She must have crawled right off the edge of the bed. It must have been a very frightening and painful experience. She has never fallen off the bed before, and so I felt awful! I was mad at myself. Adam was mad at me. I was mad at Adam. Willow was mad at the world (i.e. both of us). It was a dramatic few moments. Even after she had settled down and Adam put her in her crib, I kept waking up and thinking she had fallen on the floor again. Those sleep-deprived-panic-moments.

This morning, Willow is acting perfectly normal and doesn't even have a bump or a bruise.

What a stressful night! I know I will be more vigilant about getting Willow back into the safety of her crib from now on. Another motherhood episode to add to the list of other reality checks.

In other news, the pounding upstairs, being done by our neighbors, continues today. The vigorous hammering has been consistent all day yesterday and today--it sounds like about four different hammers are being put to work and what sounds like a new floor. Seriously though, these upstairs renovations are driving me insane. They've been going on since August. First, they were demolishing everything, including furniture. They were throwing everything that was torn apart and destroyed out the window, which was very noisy as well. Ever since then, they've been rebuilding upstairs. We also had a few weeks of the buildings roof being redone--which was surprisingly loud for being six floors above us. Now, they're working on the floor in the apartment above us, and this has been the worst yet! It's so loud, and it seems to be never ending. These guys, whoever they are, don't take a break to do anything.

I hope the finish soon and the hammering will stop. I'm starting to miss the neighbors that used to live there. Their baby crying, their piano playing, their food getting chopped up for stir fry---all of that was nothing compared to this.



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