Thursday, April 5, 2012

April Frost

It's spring break this week. I went to a nearby market to pick up some fabric, and found some fun dishes instead. There was a little stall selling lots of cute ceramics for very cheap prices. I couldn't resist it! I bought seven mugs, two little bowls for Willow, two pitchers, two casserole dishes, two serving bowls, and a creamer for under $20. That is a deal by China and US standards! It's hard to find quality dishes, that are cute, my style, and affordable here. So I jumped at the chance to pick up some cute dishes--they are my downfall.

We keep hearing reports of warm weather in the Chicago area. For awhile, it was record breaking temperatures--in the 80's--and so forth. We've still been experiencing freezing temperatures. It snowed a few times in March, and earlier this week we were in the mountains where it snowed again. The heat turned off on Monday, so now our government controlled radiators are no longer warm. It is a bit chilly in our apartment. Thinking about extremes (extremely hot, or extremely cold)--I rather be cold than hot. Soon, it will be hot in our city, and I'm not really looking forward to the humidity.

Willow's attire last Sunday.

I must admit, going to fellowship is a little tricky these days. It seems that not matter which stage we're at with Willow, she always has a nap that is during fellowship. It is a pretty big chunk of time to be gone from home, and now that she is no longer a newborn, it is difficult for her to nap in public. Usually what ends up happening is she misses her morning nap and ends up extremely crabby exhausted. Sometimes she falls asleep while we are out eating lunch, or in the taxi on the way home. This is also inconvenient because then she thinks that this is her 'nap' for the day--even if she only slept for ten minutes. If we can manage to keep her awake, it means that she is up from approximately 7am-2pm without a nap. That's a long time for Willow. Sundays are just tricky. I've tried getting her up extra early (before 6am) so that she will take a nap before we leave at 9:30, but this requires me getting up at that early time. Ugh.

We've been attending a few different fellowships since February. Now we are going to a fellowship that meets in a restaurant/bar. Last Sunday, we used shot glasses to drink our grape juice (in remembrance of Him). We have such varied experiences here!

Adam saw Willow entertaining herself by 'reading' some books the other day, and snapped some pictures. She looks a little unsettled, but I promise she was enjoying herself. She loves to empty her book basket, and concentrates on opening her board books. She is a focused baby and enjoys these sorts of tasks.

Willow's hair is starting to grow, and so is mine! I lost a ton of hair after Willow was born, and I thought it would never grow back. But I've started to notice lots of baby hairs on my head, spiking up in every which way. It's a little annoying right now, but I'm happy that I'm no longer headed in the balding direction--I had at least three nightmares about balding.


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