Sunday, April 8, 2012

Creative Twist

Maybe it was the fact that we've been on spring break, but Adam and I had the need to make something yesterday. I started by decorating (a little late) for Easter, and Adam took some cardboard that had boxed the furniture we just bought and made a little castle for Willow. Then, I hard boiled some eggs to decorate. It's a little tricky coloring brown eggs, but we made it work. Of course, I only had two colors to choose from....oh well!

I would like to point out that I spent $0 on my decorations. I used scraps from around the house, including Little Women ticket info to make the paper chains (I asked for 16 copies, but they accidentally made 80).

Can you tell who decorated which eggs? No, Willow didn't help this year.

We ended the night with lots of cooking (for Sunday's potluck, and also lasagna for dinner), and Willow's bath time. Adam went grocery shopping, and reported that he biked back with his max bearing weight--whatever that means! haha. It was a productive and very long day.

I'm feeling a little stressed about Monday. Which is weird, especially since I don't have to teach anymore. However, it's a harsh slap back into reality. Staying at home with Willow all day, going to various groups, studying for my book study and for Chinese...and then the MILLION + 1 things I have to do for Little Women all of the sudden. It's enough to give me a heart attack.

Here's to future productivity. As in, very NEAR future.


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