Friday, April 6, 2012

Helper Baby

Willow likes to 'help'. When I'm cooking or baking, she wants to play with pots and pans and measuring spoons. It's a good thing she hasn't figured out how to open the kitchen cupboards yet! She is very content when she feels like she is contributing somehow; this means non-toy activities. Yesterday, Adam was assembling her new IKEA furniture, and Willow was happy to lend a hand wherever she could. I had tried convincing Adam to do this during her nap time, but he ended up putting together her toy box and chair after she woke up--which meant I spent the whole time playing 'keep away'. Sometimes I let her 'help'.

She was a little too involved, so spent some time observing from her crib. She 'helped' by brushing her teeth.

Willow 'helped' by reading about the Soviets (her dad's current favorite book).


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