Sunday, April 8, 2012


Easter morning, Willow woke up at 5:40 am. Lovely.
Since Adam woke up with her on Saturday, I let him sleep in a little longer and played with our early-bird in her room. After Adam woke up, we brought Willow out to the living room, where she saw her Easter basket for the first time.

she doesn't really know what to think about the sunglasses.

Later that morning (you can say 'later', if you wake up before 6am on a Sunday morning), we went to fellowship and saw some of our friends. Willow played with her friends until the service started.

We meet in a bar/restaurant that's in a hotel.

Willow loves this girl!

Maddy loves to give kisses.

Tre was handsome on Easter morning.

Willow's dress is still a bit too big, but I couldn't resist it any longer. Thanks for the cute frock, Katie!

Tre and his foster-momma

Emma-Mae was decked out in frills--her first Easter too!

There was a potluck afterwards, so we stayed to eat. I brought a double batch of my mother-in-law's recipe for a cool bean salad. I wanted to bring something that didn't need to be heated up. Of course, it's gone now! Thanks for sharing the yummy recipe!

When we returned to our apartment, Willow was exhausted. She snuggled down for a nap...that was very short lived thanks to our lovely neighbors who decided to saw and use drills during Willow's nap time (and only during her nap time). It's like they have us under surveillance for when we will be most inconvenienced by their home renovation.

Happy Easter from the Johnsons!


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  1. Can you send me these pics of Emma and Maddy, especially the ones of Emma?