Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Nursery Process

It continues.
A few days ago, we sold our brown couch to some friends. It was a little unexpected, sort of impromptu, but timely nonetheless. Willow's room was starting to feel so crowded, and we needed some more room for her toys and for her to play.

When her couch left the room (which was a miracle that it was able to get through the door!), we discovered mold on the wall. We looked up how to remove mold from cement walls and then sent Adam to work. We emptied Willow's room of all it's fabrics and furniture. We felt a little OCD! He protected his face and hands, dampened the wall, washed it with soup and water to scrub off the spores, disinfected it with bleach and water, and then rinsed it thoroughly. He aired out the room and dried the wall carefully. We disposed of the materials he used to clean the wall into garbage bags and then dumped it out the window. haha. We were careful.

Mold is a frequent enemy here, since we live in concrete buildings, which can be very cool and damp throughout the year.

All better!

Willow is a CLIMBER! She can now climb onto our couch without assistance. This is a little frightening, since she isn't even nine months yet! Here she is climbing onto the arm of her new mini-wicker chair. She is such a monkey! It's a good thing Adam was nearby to catch her.

A few new touches--a picture with Willow's birth stats, a toy organizer, and an arm chair. We finally finished putting her room together today, and I'm glad to have a place to sit in her room again. The chair looks much bigger in her room than it did in the store, but other than that, I'm happy with how it turned out.

She is getting so tall! From this perspective, she doesn't seem like a roley-poley baby.

Willow approves of her new set up, I think.


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