Friday, April 6, 2012

Guanmenshan Continued

If you missed my first post about a mini vacation to the mountains during spring break, you can still read about it/look at the pictures!

To recap, it was a very 'cool' trip--and we spent lots of time staying warm. Willow wore her coat nearly 24/7. We had heated electric blankets while we slept, and sat in front of this toasty fire most of the time in the evenings. The heat was turned off on April 1 in China. At least Shenyang has heat! Most of the country doesn't have radiators at all, let alone central heat/air. It was a cool 40F in the lodge during our stay!

We had fun playing games together, like banana grams, loaded questions, monopoly deal, and pool. Most of my time was spent taking care of Willow, which I don't mind. Adam was very helpful, in between the times that he was reading "The Hunger Games". Finally, he fulfilled his promise to me that he would read it! Overall, it was such a fun trip and sweet time with friends. I was very glad that we got a chance to get away from the city, to eat yummy food, and to fellowship with others.

Willow doing her best to entertain herself. Our room was a little dingy and needed some new lamp shades, carpet, and curtains (among other things). I felt a little uneasy allowing Willow to crawl on the carpet--but I kept reminding myself that babies live in worse situations and survive. I'm such a germophobe! Adam was trying to stay warm, huddled under all the blankets. haha.

One of those rare times when Willow will acquiesce to giving Adam a kiss. She usually initiates it--if he asks for a kiss, she ignores him. :)

After her sweet kiss, she decided to yank his nose off.

To distract Willow from her vicious attack, Adam handed her his cell phone. She likes to dial numbers, and pass the phone from hand to hand as she flips it around. I like to pick up on her little mannerisms, they're so fun to watch develop!

The view from our window after it finished snowing on our first day there.

Walking to the frozen waterfall. We weren't sure if it would still be frozen, but it was.
We had to walk through lots of abandoned buildings, and random pieces of 'landscaping', materials, and machinery.

This lady (in the background) was like a troll. We had to pay her a toll to continue on the path. She had guard dogs chained up all over the place, and they looked capable of tearing us the pieces. She was friendly, though. :)

Bathrooms...they looked creepier in person.


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