Thursday, April 12, 2012

The End of a Long Week

We woke up late this morning. Too late. Slept in. Adam jumped out of bed in a panic! Here's why.

It was our second night of trying to break Willow of her sleeping pattern. She likes to wake up 2-3 times a night to nurse. I know that she does this because she is hungry (she's too distracted during the day to eat much), and because it has become a habitual routine. It started when we got back from our Christmas break in America--she had jet lag and got the influenza in February. By the end of February, it had solidified, and I had just been hoping it would go away by itself all during March. Well, now it's the middle of April and there's no signs of it going away on it's own. So instead of doing the easy thing--which is bringing her in bed with us so I can nurse her for a few minutes--Adam goes to soothe her mid-night cries. If I go, she'll want to eat.

The first night was successful. She only woke up once, and didn't protest to Adam settling her back down.

Apparently, night #2 was not as peaceful. Adam spent a few hours up with Willow--I had told him that should this happen, he should let me take a turn (after thirty minutes). But, I guess he forgot. His alarm didn't go off.

And neither did mine. Willow is my alarm. She slept in because she was tired from being awake so much during the night.

We woke up with a start. Adam had to leave for school in ten minutes, and I had to be out the door with Willow in thirty! She had a wellness check up at the foreign clinic. It was a mad chaos as we took turns getting ready, packing our stuff, getting Willow up/dressed/fed...We all made it to our various destinations on time.

Willow is doing great! I found out that I should be giving her fluoride supplements to help with her teeth. The water here doesn't really have added fluoride, and it's not consistent with the bottled water that we drink either (depending on companies). So if I want Willow to take a daily supplement, I have to first get our drinking water tested so that the appropriate dose can be given. Part of me doesn't really think this is necessary, but I would hate for Willow's teeth to rot prematurely. It's ok with me if they rot when she's 89.

These are her current stats:
weight: 20.7 pounds
height: 28 inches

I wouldn't put TOO much emphasis on the accuracy of these measurements. But, I suppose they are close enough, so we'll go with it.

This week felt so long. It feels like spring break was two or three weeks ago. I'm working lots on Little Women. Probably anywhere from 4-8 hours a day...which I guess might surprise people who think I only work three hours a week when I'm at rehearsals. Chinese lessons are coming along too. I have a new teacher now, and I asked her if we could review the book that I had already finished, and that I had been reviewing last year as well. Technically, I'm on the third book, but I feel like the second isn't sticking in my head. So we're reviewing AGAIN. And it struck me, that I originally passed this book two years ago. That was slightly depressing. At least this time I go through all the vocab and grammar, it makes more sense. It's not that I remember it--because I don't, hence the reviewing--it's just that my frame of reference for this language is a lot broader than it used to be. I have some stories to share next time.


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