Thursday, April 5, 2012

Our Room

Another look at our home.

Not having to buy any furniture is a blessing. Not having to buy any furniture is a misery. For instance: I hate our green bed. It's a tacky upholstered, polyester atrocity--something you would find in a motel. Icky!

One of the best things in our room is this jewelry box that Adam bought me for Christmas two years ago. It's so pretty, and even though it's large, I bet I'll bring it back to America someday.

I took this picture last week, but I've already rearranged/added things to our room. So, this isn't exactly 'current' anymore.

View from our bedroom door. The closet is to the right, and Willow's room is across the hall. If you turn left, you will be looking straight into the guest room (with the bathroom at your right, and the living room to your left).


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