Friday, March 30, 2012

Willow's Friends

The internet is being testy today. It took a lot longer than usual to upload these pictures because my browser kept crashing! Internet troubles are pretty frequent over here, though, so I shouldn't be too surprised. Today, Willow and I finally participated in a mom's group--we have never been able to go for one reason or the other. It was fun to get out of the house for a play date, and to socialize with other moms. When we first arrived I took a few pictures of Willow's special friends Madeline and Emma-Mae. She loves these girls, and will miss playing with them every week when they move back to America this summer. :(

Madeline loves to say Willow's name, and gives her lots of kisses and hugs.

Emma-Mae is such a cutie! She was cooing and smiling me a lot from her spot on the floor.

The girls look like they are shocked about something.

Willow getting some more love from her other sweet friend.

Sorry, Willow! I just had to post this crazy picture of you.

They stayed very busy the entire time. It is good for Willow to play with other kids, especially since she needs to learn how to share and to be gentle. She didn't bite anyone, which was good. She sometimes bites people when she is giving kisses. We left after Willow managed to gag on a piece of plastic and threw up. Oi. I think her ability to pick up small objects and put them into her mouth has been the most annoying skill she's developed so far. It's an important skill, I know, but it often backfires. She needs to learn what is food, and what is not food. :)


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