Sunday, March 25, 2012

Saturday Rest

Saturdays are proving to be a good rest day. Sundays are usually busy with fellowship, eating lunch with friends, grocery shopping, basketball, preparing for the coming week....
Although, from now on, I'm going to have to use Saturday mornings to go prop hunting at the markets. It was nice to enjoy one more quiet Saturday.

Here Willow is 'helping' her dad with his graduate school homework, early on Saturday morning. We went in to say 'hello' for a minute, but ended up pestering him too much. Willow is all over the place, and obsessed with computers, so it is difficult to get anything accomplished with her nearby.

We caved and ordered McDonalds for lunch. Knowing that they delivery to your front door does not help in trying to avoid fast food.

Reading about Chicago together.

Willow used to be terrified of the vacuum cleaner. Now, she is intrigued. She spent a few minutes checking it out, kissing it, hitting it....I don't know what goes through her mind.

Adam, after his domestic pursuits of the afternoon. He finished his homework, made sweet potato casserole on a whim, and vacuumed the apartment.

Willow, doing her bit to help out. Her ambition is to pick up every crumb, piece of lint, or whatever else she can scrounge up. It usually ends up in her mouth, so we're constantly having to sweep/vacuum. Even still, she has ingested her fair share of garbage in the past few weeks. Ugh. She has discovered that crawling under the table and through the chair legs is fun. It's like her personal obstacle course, or baby-maze. She also likes to go under her sassy seat where there's usually a few dropped cheerios or crumbs which she tries to eat.


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