Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I love technology.

Willow will grow up in a world inundated by it.

It plays games. It shows movies, and pumps out music. It keeps life organized, connected to the world. It gives news updates and helps us call family and friends. It is entertainment. It is work. It is my recipe book. Technology has replaced so much already, I wonder what the world will be like in ten more years.

In the picture above, you can see Willow on the couch. Although it doesn't give proof, Willow can climb onto the couch by herself now. Using sheer strength, she pulls herself up. Or using cunning, she stands on her baby doll's head to get an extra boost. I like her ruffle-diaper-butt.

Willow enjoys talking to family on skype while eating cheerios. She understands when we call someone that she's about to see familiar faces on the screen. She gets very excited (claps her hands, ooohs, and grins from ear to ear) and prances around on her tip toes while banging her arms against the couch.

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Although, sometimes she gets board and has to go find something else to entertain her for a few moments. She just can't sit still!


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