Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wednesdays are Flood Days

Such a cute smile! I love those chubby cheeks!

Ipads are for adults, not babies. I really believe that. But it is pretty hilarious to watch Willow interact with this app of a cat. It repeats what you say, you slap/hit/punch it, give him milk, among other things. It's not often that we set the ipad up like this, but after a skype conversation the other day, we played with the cat for a few minutes. She is entranced. I wonder if she thinks its real? Its probably confusing after just having had video chatted with people. Perhaps she thinks this cat is our acquaintance and likes to conference via video.

Like I've mentioned before, I'm not particularly proud of the fact that I allow Willow to have television time. But I'm weak, and need a break once in a while. Especially on those days when she decides to only sleep for twenty minutes, and I'm about ready to pull my hair out because she's fussy and there's only so many things you can do to entertain a baby who is seven months old. She likes Sesame Street and Winnie the Pooh and her praise dvd, but I was about through with those. So I've been putting in the first 10-15 minutes of "The Princess and the Frog". After that, it starts to get a little scary, plus she's met the max amount of focus time in her attention span. Yet, I had to snap this picture, because even though I feel a little like I've failed when I turn the TV on, I still think she's the cutest couch potato.

Wednesday was a calm day. We didn't have to go anywhere, and I didn't have anything particularly stressful to deal with--just Willow nonsense. In the afternoon, one of my former students came over (she's in 5th grade now) to help out for an hour. She's extremely fun to hang out with, and she's very good with Willow. We baked coffee cake together and talked about all sorts of things. Then Adam came home, I cooked supper, we took turns eating (because of baby duty), and then gave Willow a bath. The problem is that Willow gets so excited when she realizes we're going to give her a bath that she's almost impossible to hold. She shrieks and wriggles like a crazy woman. Last night, she evacuated her bladder all over me during the obligatory bath time frenzy. My shirt, pants, and socks were soaked. Plus the bathroom rug. Into the wash the rug went. We finished cleaning Willow, got her ready for bed, and tucked her in. Adam went to the fridge (in the laundry room) to get a treat, and was shocked to find an inch of water in the laundry room. Isn't it ironic that our bathroom has a drain in the middle of the floor, but the laundry room doesn't? We've had some leaks in the laundry room before, but never this severe. Adam spent the next hour trying to remove most of the water. He also fixed the washing machine so it wouldn't do that again (some sort of hose had gotten loose in the back). Here are some pictures; I apologize that they are fuzzy and unedited. I hate florescent lighting!

Guess who woke up after twenty minutes of sleeping? Yes. She decided to stay up until after 9:00 pm last night. For the last forty minutes that she was awake, she screamed and cried. She was obviously over-tired since she had been awake since before noon (refused to nap sufficiently in the afternoon). This girl must have an alarm clock in her brain because she was up at the same exact time that she wakes up nearly every morning.

She kept trying to help out. Not even a second after this picture was taken, she flung herself towards Adam and we both had to move quickly to catch her in time.


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