Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday Melodrama


Willow is currently reaching under the radiator by her sassy seat, looking for any dropped cheerios from yesterday, and then eating them. She is always hungry. And I'm tired of constantly corralling her about and taking pieces of trash out of her mouth. She is constant movement and is my personal trainer--she keeps me moving non stop. It's exhausting! Hopefully she will be able to understand more English before she starts walking, otherwise I might collapse.

Right now, she understands her name--although she ignore it if she knows she is doing something she shouldn't be doing. She sometimes comes to me if I say, "come here". She sometimes responds to 'no', but I don't believe she understands what it means yet. We're still working on waving hello and goodbye. Sometimes it sounds like she is saying 'hey', especially when she's playing with her toy telephones. She crawls around and says, 'wee woe". I imagine that she's trying to say her name, since that's probably the one word she hears the most. There's a slew of other words that I think she's starting to understand: bath time, eating time, cheerio, time to change your diaper, give a kiss, and 'where's daddy?'. The sentence she understands without a doubt is, "I'm going to get you!" We've been saying this to her for months. When she was a little baby, it meant we were going to tickle her. Now it means we're going to chase her and then tickle her! She likes to speed-crawl away from us, shrieking like a banshee, whenever she hears this sentence. It's hard to say who finds this more entertaining: the baby or her parents.

Whew. Took a little break to play with Willow, feed her, and put her in her bed for a nap. She doesn't fall asleep when she nurses anymore, so there's been more resistance to nap time than usual. Though, she is always tired enough to fall asleep. Eventually. She sleeps in the strangest positions.

Did I write about the time when I thought she had fallen asleep, so I went to check on her and re-tuck her into bed. However, she was awake, had somehow reached her wipey container again, and had taken out every single wipe. I cleaned up her mini-disaster (she was soaked), and put her down for her nap again. Twenty minutes later, I went in to cover her up--since it sounded like she was sleeping. Instead, she was at the other end of her crib, had opened her curtains and was quietly looking out the window! What a little stinker! I put her down for her nap again, closed the curtains and hoped she would finally fall asleep. All in all, it took her about an hour to fall asleep. She wasn't screaming or crying, just staying busy as usual.

Adam is still plugging away at his graduate school program. He is currently taking a class about technology in the classroom (I think), and just finished making a cool website for his science class students to use. Even though its a lot of extra [busy] work, the Masters Course at least pushes him to do things that he normally wouldn't think of doing on his own. It's helped jump start some new ideas in his classroom, and that's been fun to observe from my perspective.

He has a middle-school lock-in this week. Which means he will be awake all night, and I'll be home alone with Willow. Saturday will be interesting too, since he will want to rest and I will want to work. They've been collecting money for the lock-in from the students who are attending (Adam is in charge of student council, she he oversees the student-lead activities), but it was recently stolen from their classroom. Uh-oh.

Spring break is coming up next week. This will be the first break we've had since Christmas/Chun Jie break, so we're both looking forward to it. Of course, Willow has no idea. We might be going up to the mountains for spring break, which could be a lot of fun. I've never been to this area, but Adam has been able to go about four times over the past three years. He gets to travel a lot with the middle school (and sometimes high school) students.

On a slightly humorous note, Adam downloaded Dancing with the Stars for us to watch because Donald Driver is one of the dancers this season. For those of you who don't know (like me), he is an 'amazing' player on the Packers football team. So, of course Adam loves him. And of course he wants to watch him dance.

I'm surviving. I enjoy Wednesdays the most, because I don't have any commitments to uphold on those days. Little Women is starting to kick into full gear, which means it consumes every corner of my brain. There's a lot to do, but I find it hard to complete all the tasks when I'm trying to take care of Willow--or impossible do from home. I either need to go out to a market (which is unrealistic with a baby in tow), or be at school (which is also inconvenient). So it has become a balancing act of sorts. The tickets that I ordered from the printing company finally arrived, so we've started selling tickets. Honestly, I feel 100% about the acting in this play. It's probably the strongest script we've ever used, and we have the strongest cast we've ever had. I usually leave rehearsals feeling confident about where we are in the production process. It's also fun to watch their characters transform before my eyes. Seriously, we have some profoundly talented actors and actresses this year. I think it will be a strong show, and every bit as good as the ticket price suggests.

I wrote my April production to-do list, and it's pretty long. It's also exciting, because these are the items that really count in putting together a show. It's these details that will put the show together and ready for the public. I can't believe how close we are getting to opening night.

Well, Willow is up from her nap already. That was short! Oh well.


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