Sunday, June 3, 2012


Had the chance to watch some kids last week. They are toddlers, so much more advanced compared to Willow. But she still likes to 'play' with them and watch them. Willow has been learning how to walk the past two weeks. She can take 6-12 steps on her own without falling or sitting down. After this little play time, she grew in a lot more confidence. I think seeing other little people walk around is very instructive. She is also learning about sharing. I guess she isn't really learning how to share. Mostly she is learning about being stubbornly possessive.

These two cuties were only over for a little while, but we were able to do so many things. Played toys, watched Sesame Street, went outside, ate a snack, read books, played was great!

He loves getting his picture taken!

After they went back home, Willow and I went out shopping. It was a hot day, and the store wasn't air conditioned. We were both so warm by the end of the trip, I splurged and bought a cold drink from Starbucks. After the overwhelming crowds, the stressful taxi rides, the heat, and dealing with a tired/hot baby--I did something I'm not proud of. I let Willow drink some of my strawberry frappe. Talk about everything she shouldn't be eating at this point in her life. But, she was screaming/demanding it, and it seemed like the best thing to do at the moment. What shocked me was the immediate attitude change she went through. She went from being lethargic/upset/tired to silly/happy/content. Don't worry, this doesn't mean I will be putting her on a sugary-Starbucks diet. I guess I write this as a confession. Father, forgive me, for I have given my baby Starbucks. And she liked it. I also write this to remember that: 1) Shenyang now has strawberry frappes 2) Willow drinks from a straw 3) I am will do anything to keep sane in stressful situations. Before you judge me too harshly, let me defend myself a little.

Shopping in China is mega-hard. It's loud, stressful, over-crowded, and everything is communicated in another language. Add a baby to the equation and the experiences intensify. First off, I get more attention. Everyone wants to touch my baby, hold my baby, take pictures of my baby, ask me a million questions that I can't always understand/respond to about my baby. Secondly, my baby is driving me insane with her demands. She's tired, hungry, overwhelmed, hot, thirsty, bored...everything...and it's not her fault. Finally, the guilty conscience starts to creep in hard-core. What kind of mother submits her child and herself to this kind of torture? It took forever to get home because of traffic, and the taxi was about 100 degrees. It's one of those trips that you are excited for, that you know will be difficult, that you hope will be successful, and that will completely exhaust you physically and emotionally. Whew!

But it was a successful trip because I got what I set out to purchase. Summer pants for me, and little gifts for the girls on Adam's soccer team.

Oh, and Willow got some too. Although 1) she doesn't care 2) she doesn't have hair 3) she is completely oblivious. I bought these in good faith--that one day my daughter will have hair.

You can start growing some luscious locks any day now, Willow 

"You know, after a tiring day, it's best to chill on the couch with one's lap top and surf the web. Oh! The only thing I'm missing is an iced mocha--mother! Whip up one of those fancy drinks for me, please. I'm in the middle of some important business" -W

Actually, I think Willow was watching the trailer for Les Miserable (in the above picture).

Here's to creating monsters. 


  1. I think you're being too hard on yourself. My mom gave me chocolate milk in a bottle for TWO YEARS because that's all I would take, and I'm still alive. :)

    1. Oh my! I'm sure Willow would love chocolate milk on a daily basis. :)

  2. I relate to this absolutely more than you know.
    I gave Jameson a cookie the other day so that I could eat mine in peace.
    I know. I'm so awesome.

    Seriously, one day, if we're both living in America at the same time, we need to get together and do this mom-thing with each other. I could use another mom friend like me.

    1. I appreciate the assurance--it's a relief to know that I'm not the only one giving sugar to my baby. You crack me up! I'm going to assume that when we're both on the same continent, we will make it a point to connect! :)