Sunday, June 24, 2012

Puppy Love!

Ok, I'm not the world's biggest animal lover, but there really was too much cuteness going on tonight to resist taking some pictures. After Adam left at 6pm to fly back to Beijing, Willow and I went outside to help the time pass. The last hour before bed is sometimes the longest, and she was sad about her daddy saying goodbye again. Thankfully, who should we see when we went to the park, but Willow's favorite little girl! Emily was playing with our friend Melanie. After a few minutes, two boys showed up with a cardboard box. Inside were two tiny little puppies--only one month old. They were so small and well behaved; I became instantly excited for Willow to see these little critters! 

 We've noticed over the past several weeks that she enjoys animals. The stray cats, occasional dogs, and caged rabbits that are around our complex are extremely interesting to her. She's been known to scream and throw fits if we don't stop to look at the bunnies, and has chased some stray cats too. 

Willow looks so tired in this picture! Almost time for bed time! By the time I had run back home to grab my camera, we had already played outside and interacted with the puppies for a while--so she was getting ready to go back home. 

I can't begin to explain how much cuteness I was feeling in those moments. Cute puppies, and cute little kids. It was just too much for me! The little puppies for waddling around, and Willow was close behind. She was super-interested in them, but didn't attack them (as I feared she might). She doesn't really understand the concept of being gentle, or that eyes/noses/ears/ mouths are sensitive. I didn't want her to hurt some stranger's pets! But she did fine.

Willow kept putting her head to the side as if to say, "Oh, you are so sweet!" That sort of thing just makes my heart melt into a puddle. 

The other puppy is hiding in the box--he was a little smaller and I think he was frightened. His owner's had sent his  tiny body down the slide a few times. 

Willow was brave, and touched the puppy. These are the smallest dogs she's ever seen. I think she understood that they were alive and that they were dogs. She likes to read her board books about dogs. I was worried that she might think they were toys--she definitely has stuffed animals that are larger! Really, these puppies were just Willow's size! Haha!

Trying to pet the dogs again

This picture makes me laugh so hard. Willow had just flopped down on her bottom in startled shock because when she was petting the dogs, one licked her hand. It surprised her so much, she sat down, pulled her arms back in exclamation, and grunted some baby phrase. I wish this picture were a video clip instead! Too funny. 

It made me thing....if we had a puppy, it would be constant entertainment for Willow. Put having animals in apartments is not ideal--and I have my hands full already.'s not an actual thought. 

Home again, home again. Jigidiy jig. Willow is fascinated by her sandals. She was trying to put them on her feet by herself. Her baby-attempts were endearing! 

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