Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Friday Afternoon

To nap or not to nap.
 That is the question! 

We had a busy day on Friday. First it was mom's group, where Willow got to socialize with other babies/toddlers for a few hours, then it was home to cook and bake--during which time I realized I needed a few missing ingredients. This meant taking a walk to a nearby veggie market. During all the tasks of the day, Willow only napped for thirty minutes. the. entire. day. Which meant she was pretty crabby the rest of the time. Adam had a soccer party that evening, and since Willow was so fussy, she and I did not stay very long. It was on the roof of one of the apartment buildings where our friends live. What a fun way to celebrate the end of a successful season. We ate tacos, Mexican rice, and brownies.

Willow thinks it is her role, or birth right, to hold the apartment keys whenever we go out. If I don't give them to her, she throws a fit. She's also still in love with her stuffed tiger, which she refers to as, "Meow".

Just holding onto these keys for safe keeping

Approaching the market (it's on the right). Some produce is outside, and the other  items are in the small building. Further down the road, straight ahead, is a busy road with lots of hole-in-the-wall restaurants and hair salons. The gate for a local university is straight ahead. 

Some apartment buildings in the background. The first floor level is for restaurants, car-wash shops, and other little stores. 

How bad to you have to go? 

Sunflower seeds. Buy them by the pound. 

The shop keeper reading his newspaper. I'm told that you have to know at least 2,000 characters in order to read a newspaper in Mandarin. Oi. I'll never be able to read a newspaper...and I'm OK with that. 


Fruit is sold when it is IN season. There are very few fruits that are offered year round. 

Later, at the soccer party, Willow was placed in the hammock. She was a little uncertain about her safety. 

Swaying in the summer breeze

Ok, enough of that. 

Later, we left the party a bit early so that I could put Willow to bed. On the way home, we saw a bunch of friends at the little playground by our building. Of course, Willow was re-energized by the sight of familiar faces. So we stayed out for a few more moments. 

There's that cutie again! 

Willow drinking her yogurt while sitting on Adam's lap. She freaks out if you try to hold the container for her. She insists on holding it herself. She grows in independence more and more everyday. It's a little ridiculous what she thinks she's capable of. It's also a little shocking what she CAN do on her own. I can't believe she will be ONE next month! 

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