Sunday, June 3, 2012

Friday Morning

One of the great things about the improving situation outside, is that Willow is able to experience more 'nature'. We don't have a lot of it, in our city of several million, but I still manage to get horrible allergies every May/June. Willow has several new obsessions this month, one being live animals such as dogs and rabbits.

The other morning, we were on our way to a friends house, and we were greeted by six small dogs. Willow was extremely excited and interested by these four legged creatures. On the way back home, later that day, we saw another dog. He was a very fluffy, brown poodle-looking-thing, and reminded me more of a teddy bear. Willow grabbed that dog's face and pulled hard. I though the dog might bite her in retaliation, as I swiped her hands away from the dog's face. Poor dog! I can't believe how fast she was! I will have to be more careful about interactions like that in the future--she doesn't know what she's doing!

Eventually, I pulled Willow's attention away from these puppies, and went towards the apartment building where she spotted some rabbits. People keep rabbits here, and bring them outside during the day. The rabbits are confined to small cages and are fed a lot of vegetables. Once they are plump, they become the main dish on the family's dinner table. But all the kids, foreign and national, love to spend time with all the rabbits scattered about our complex. They feed them weeds. Willow has just started to notice them, and if we walk past without a visit, she pitches a royal fit.
Fascinated by the dogs 

Devine is so cute!

This was our last mom's group of the school year, and we finished the time by eating Chinese food together. My friend who organizes this activity is moving back to the States next week. 

Chinese food here is very different than what you might get at a take-out or buffet place in America. In some ways, it's 100 x better---but sometimes I miss "American Chinese" food. 

Getting ready to eat lunch

This is what the garbage pick-up cart looks like. Not your typical 'garbage truck' for those of you State-side, but an all too common sight here. 


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