Tuesday, June 5, 2012

That Summer Evening Feeling

We ate chicken enchiladas and a spicy rice dish for dinner.

Homemade cookies in the oven.

Adam is running sound for the 8th grade graduation ceremony tonight.

Willow and I went on a walk by the river after dinner.

We saw a disgusting, mangy cat--worst off cat I've ever seen.

There was a little dog running around--he had only three legs.

We swung on a swing.

I almost lost her favorite cat at the park.

Willow let me read a record amount of board books to her tonight: 14 in a row!

She was sleeping by 7pm. Peace at last!

Have a stomach bug--so I'm dealing with it.

Started Chinese lessons once again today, after my hiatus (due to Little Women)

Last day of school tomorrow.

Adam leaves for Beijing on Sunday.

Willow will be 11 months on Friday.

We'll be in America in 24 days.

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